HTC Advantage Offers One Time Screen Replacement and Timely Updates

The popular premium smartphone manufacturer HTC has now been looking seriously at its dwindling market share and is in the makes to formulating steps to regain its stance and sales by introducing some new schemes for consumers in US.

According to HTC, a new scheme is being proposed to the US market which would enable anyone buying a new HTC One flagship model shall be offered with a “ HTC Advantage ”, which would enable them to get one time cracked screen replacement within the first six months, two years free Android updates, and additional Google Drive Storage. All the new sales of phone models HTC One, HTC One Mini and HTC One Max shall be included in the program.

This scheme in itself is quite luring and advantageous for most, as a cracked display would in itself cost roughly $70. HTC is also offering two modes of getting the phone repaired, first being the phone can be mailed for repair and gotten back after repairs for free, while the second option of getting an “Advance Exchange” where a new phone will be shipped overnight to the customers as they return the damaged piece and pay $29 towards shipping charges.

The new vice president of customer experience for HTC, Ed Kuhner said, “Over the past six months or so we’ve started to spend a lot more time thinking about the consumer and the consumer experience beyond just the phone itself, So we’re wrapping up all of these consumer benefits and providing it to the consumers as one big group of benefits”.

This is quite unique a scheme as except for the insurance, no other company at present is replacing a broken display for free, though Apple with its AppleCare+ Extended warranty scheme for $49 replaces a cracked iPhone display, while others are issuing some insurances for phone damages but no free replacements at least for short periods.

Over the updates of the Android versions the company promises to update all the One Series models as well as the upcoming flagships with updates for the next 2 years, with a small catch that the updates would only be for the major versions with new names and/or extensive changes. And also there is no definitive timescale for the update to be released.