Chromecast Now For The UK And Some Other Europian Countries

Google has officially launched the Chromecast in the UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, Norway and Finland. The Google Chromecast Dongle would enable users to have access to the Google Play Music, Movies in the Nordics and local Content deals are also being signed up too.

Google Chromecast is available in the UK for £30 ($50) and in other locations at €35, though slightly expensive than in the US where its sold at $35 its still quite a bargain when compared to the competition like Apple TV which costs £99 and Roku costing at $49.99 would be available in the UK only  late April.

For those new, simply said the Chromecast makes any HDTV a SmartTV saving money just for the upgrade, essentially the Chromecast is a WiFi dongle which connects to the HDMI port of the TV and is powered by the USB port on the TV and play apps and online content on the TV. Chromecast runs a “simplified version” of Chrome OS thus can connect and play almost all the content that can be viewed over a Chrome browser and with content deals by Google, most other web based channels from the internet like the Netflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Google Play Movies, TV & Music, Red Bull TV, VEVO, Plex and Real Cloud Player can be watched too. Meanwhile the Chromecast relies on devices such as Android Smartphones, tablets, iPhone, iOS, PC and Mac (via Chrome) and Chome OS devices to be controlled, you can choose what content to view via the Chromecast on your device and hit play.

With the Content deals of the Google Chromecast users in the UK would be able to access BBC’s iPlayer, in France deals already in place for access to TV Pluzz and SFR TV and CANALPLAY soon, in Germany users have Watchever and Maxdome soon and in Sweden Netflix is in place with a possibility of HBO Nordics soon.

There are a few other things one can do with the Chromecast like stream Chrome playable content from the local systems to the HDTV through Chromecast, like movies and music, one can also play Youtube over the TV, watch web content on the big screen like most channels that have been specifically streamed for the web and browser only, with the Chromecast the users can also access most functionalities of the Google+ thus can have video chats and conferences on the larger screens than the smaller monitors and finally the big screens in most locations can be used at conferences to directly stream content to possibly replace the projectors.

This release and launch of Chromecast by Google now enhances the market for the developers for the Chromecast SDK to develop more apps, utilities and content to cater to the raising market.