Mionix Inductively Charged Mouse Prototype: Always Wireless

Another unexpected entry at the CES 2014 was the wireless chargeable mouse from Mionix who are a small group of people in to making gaming peripherals.

Peter Nygren, CEO of Mionix unveiled the prototype for the self charging mouse. In competence with the other products from Mionix, the mouse too has an extremely well designed Wireless Gaming mouse contours, to ergonomically fit to the hand and work seamlessly.

Mionix has been a company, which has produced some quality gaming products and also has unveiled the new NASH 20 headset and has had the reputation of working on a single project for long periods of time to achieve perfection.

This prototype named as “Concept PX” a wireless gaming mouse is based on the NAOS predecessors of perfect ergonomically designed mouse. The prototype mouse “Concept PX” works on the method of having an induction based mouse pad which is connected to the one of the system’s USB ports.

More importantly there are actually two ways that the mouse keeps on charge, the innards of the mouse were shown by Peter Nygren, the mouse actually can accommodate two AA batteries for those times when it is inconvenient to carry the induction based mouse pad and you would want to take the mouse away from alone too. The batteries would support the mouse for about 20 hours.

The connectivity to the System is through a USB dongle to keep the wireless connection for the gaming mouse. The only downside for the moment is that when the Dongle is connected to wirelessly the mouse it cannot be charged simultaneously and when charging on the Induction based mouse pad it cannot be connected to the System.

The cost of the mouse has not yet been announced but the expectations are to be around the same range as the other NAOS mouses and may be released same time as the production release of the Concept PX commercially.