Skype for Modern Windows 2.6 Updated to Improve Sync

Skype on Monday has released its updated version of the Skype for Modern Windows, the update has been intended at improving the synchronization of calls and chats across the multiple devices like phones, tablets and computers.

As per the announcement from Skype the update would allow you to pick up calls from any of the devices that have been installed with the Skype for Modern Windows 2.6 either your phone, tab, desktop or on Inbox and syncs faster between the devices and would stop the incoming ring much faster.

The Skype chat also Syncs across all devices that have been registered with, so as to enable continuing the conversation from any of the devices and also would be able to send IMs when the users are offline which would be delivered to them the next time they login in.

The operating system though that the Skype for Modern Windows 2.6 upgrade would work on would be Windows 8.1 and this would be another factor pushing the crowds to upgrade to the latest version of Windows 8.1 upgrade too.