Ultra Portable Flexible USB Cable “Torso”, Gets Funded $50K+ on Kickstarter

The ultra flexible USB cable there on the market news now is the ‘Torso’, the simple and small looking device is equipped with a 2 legs and a USB connector on one end and the Micro USB or an iPhone 30pin connector on the other. This has literally started making waves on the web with its dexterity and versatility.

Like all other small starters the creators of Torso have approached Kickstarter for funding, which amounted to about $58,000 (little more than the pledged $50,000) and with another 5 days to go for this got surpassed, but if you would still like to contribute you can join in @ $17 and get a Torso for most of you Micro USB needs.

The Torso creators have come up with a design concept so innovative that this nifty piece of USB cable can be a lot of things than just an ordinary USB connector.

Torso Usb Cable

Torso true to its name can be bent in lot of ways, bend it a little and it would support the weight of your phone when connected to a charger reducing your dilemma to find a place to put your phone on.

Torso not only connects the phone to the Computer for syncing but has a lot of other adaptable and improvising uses like bending the two legs and the USB connector to required shape can hold the Phone as a tripod, inversing the same holds the phone for wide screen mode. Connect the Torso to a Samsung Galaxy S4 and one can use it as an excellent stand to take self pictures remotely using the Galaxy Gear another cool idea.

Connect it to an iPhone and you can have some hands-free FaceTime, connect the holder attachment and you have the tripod mode ready for iPhone 5/5C/5S for reading and other handsfree tasks.

The uses of the this nifty gadget is only limited to ones imagination of its uses when it comes to connecting to phones with a micro USB or the iPhone connector variants.

Another point to stress on is this little USB connector is not just limited for the phones but connects to a plethora of other gadgets that a normal cable connects, anything which has a micro USB connector, a few to think of can be to charge a Bluetooth receiver, an MP3Player, Galaxy Gear or even an external HardDrive.

While the iPhone connector variant can be used to charge or sync a iPad, iPod and the likes.

On the whole the Torso seems like one of those most desirable cool gadgets which might appeal to our liking and just might make us think how we could do all that all this time without…. Highly recommend to just about go ahead and support the Torso project.