Android Malware Surfaced in Form of Flappy Bird Fakes

The creator of Flappy Bird game, Doug Nguyen has withdrawn it from the market and this has come as very sad news for many of the particular game fanatics.

This has erected some new problems in the Android gaming arena, many new Flappy Bird fakes have surfaced in its wake and quite a few of the Android Security companies like the Sophos and Trend Micro have raisen concerns that some of the fake Flappy Bird look alike fakes are believed to be containing malware.

It has been observed that the Malware in some are sending out expensive text messages, which in turn are actually sending out vulnerable personal data of the users from the phones that can be used by the malware creators to exploit the user/ phone vulnerabilities.

Trend micro in a statement iterated on the issue “A bunch of fake Android Flappy Bird apps spreading online. Every one of those it has discovered so far are apps that send messages to premium numbers, thus causing unwanted changes to victim’s phone billing statements”.

In an exclusive interview with Forbes, 29-year-old Doug Nguyen stated “Flappy Bird was designed to play in a few minutes when you are relaxed, but it happened to become an addictive product. I think it has become a problem. To solve that problem, it’s best to take down Flappy Bird. It’s gone forever”.

But the popularity of the game and its retraction by its creator has given an opportunity for the malware makers to create some look a likes and then install a malware in the phones of the unsuspecting users to cash on their vulnerabilities and both Trend Micro and Sophos have advised users not to download anything which claims as Flappy Birds to avoid any malware installation and other risks.