Moto 360: Smartwear Now Round

The launch of Google’s Android Wear an OS for the Android Wearables has been an attempt to enable development of the Smartwatches and other wearable to integrate well with the Google Now.

Motorola has now taken the opportunity to show off its first Smartwatch with Android Wear with its new Moto360, and just out of the ordinary is the way it looks, its round, not square as generally seen but Round, showing off a watch which would look like a regular from a distance.

What we heard from Jim Wicks, the Lead Designer :

The round design of the Moto360 may appeal to both men and women and also would not standout too geeky of the two options of shapes Motorola has chosen round and you will be able to change straps too and wear it on any hand, right or left and presumably the screen display flips over as necessary. There is no camera available and no charging ports, this is really intriguing on how the charging is taken care of. The Moto 360 is Water Resistant though may or may not be Water Proof like Pebble. As with Android Wear it would be able to pair with all phones having Android 4.3 and up. Supports Voice Commands of Google Now “Ok Google”. And supposedly very good effort has been made to have a very good battery life as form the lessons learned from MotoActv and MotoX.

The availability of the Smartwatch would be around midyear and no mention of the cost has been made.