Google Play Games To Get iOS Multiplayer Support

Google Play Games team has some goodies to offer for developers across platforms, Google has announced on Monday about new features that would enhance the Gaming experience and benefits for the developers as a motivation and a chance to earn a few more. Supposedly many more features and enhancements are yet to be released and announced at the Game Developers Conference to be held on March 18, 2014.

Some of the features mentioned in the Blogpost are

Multiplayer Support for iOS: Google has updated the Google Play Game Services to support iOS players too to participate and play real-time in multiplayer games, benefiting the Developers who have games built for both the operating systems and to further enhance cross-platform support the Play Games Unity Plug-in is updated along with an addition of Play Games C++ SDK to support achievements and LeaderBoards. Also Google Play Developer Console is added with enhanced Play Game Statistics to provide developers with daily statistics of game analytics, retention analysis and leaderboard performance.

Ads and in-app Purchases: upgraded Admob Platform is now also included with Google analytics to improve and provide better and refined in-app purchases and enabling developers to deliver targeted and optimized ads and promotions for the users.

Invites and Game Gifts: Google Play Games now supports multiplayer game invites directly from the game to invite other players. A new service called the Game Gifts is also introduced to let players gift virtual in-game objects from within the game to other payers within the circle or through multiplayer search. Google Play Games app has now been added with 18 new categories to help users find the games of their interest easily.