Google Chromecast SDK opened for all Developers

Google’s Chromecast a nifty and neat little device that can be attached to your TV to stream pretty much all of the media, games and apps in your phone and/or even the internet, costing at $35 this has a trait to change a lot for the future of most TVs old and new.

This has come to the logical next step now and in a most interesting and anticipated move is Google has released the much awaited Google Chromecast Software Development Kit (SDK). App developers can now develop apps to integrate with the Chromecast and be streamed to the TVs. Though a restricted version of the SDK was released earlier, the new release of the open for all SDK improves opportunities for both the App Developers as well as for the sustenance of the Chromecast.

The device so small and with many and many of the App developers vying to make apps compatible for ChromeCast, thus striving and working towards the future and betterment of product as well as for themselves.

There is a huge potential for growth in the Chromecast area, because so far only a very small but compounding sectors like audio, video and streaming have only been absolved for now and moving forward, very many things may be expected with the release of the Chromecast SDK with many creative minds now can work on it on different creative ideas.

One of the major contenders for the Chromecast is the Gaming sector that has been as yet not tapped into and this in itself has a very large scope of development.

The singular fact that it is easy to develop using Chromecast SDK and attenuating to the fact is that it can be worked on with from an Android, an iOS and from a Windows OS makes it truly versatile and more likeable, which could in many ways make it more popular for the App Developers to code for and increase its potential as well as its market base.

We really have to look out the coming days for this nifty little gizmo entering our households and maybe changing our daily entertainment ways as we know it.

Get your copy of SDK here.