Google Translate 2.1 Released With More Language Support And iOS7 Keyboard

Google Translate 2.1 released now has the ability to translate more languages and also has come up with the native iOS7 keyboard functionality for the typing aspect and in a completely new avatar blending with the new iOS7, this has a huge bonus for many iOS7 and iPhone users who could just about update to the Google Translate 2.1 and get not just the benefits of having access to more languages to translate from and to but also can get most of the stuff done on the iOS7 keyboard and also the Handwriting recognition introduced last year.

The total number of languages that Google Translate offer with the current updated version of 2.1 goes to 80 with the 7 new languages currently added, a complete list of the supported languages can be referenced from the Google AppStore page.

The new keyboard input with its enhanced functionality to cater to more languages and additional Handwriting recognition updated for Arabic, Esperanto, Hebrew, Javanese, Persian, Maltese, Maori,  Zulu, Telugu, Gujarati and Panjabi. While the regular functions of dictionary results, audio of translations and favourite translations for offline access are quite intact.