Nexus 5 Launcher is Renamed to Google Now Launcher

Google released the Google Search App update and after the update most of us were in for a pleasant surprise, the name of the launcher changed from Google Experience to Google Now, same has been the case for most of the users who have side-loaded the Nexus 5 launcher.

Seemingly there has been a complete revamp of the launcher and though the initial Nexus 5 exclusive version named the Google Experience Launcher had the Google search built in and around it, the present addition of the Google Now for the search and accessible with just a swipe on the screen there’s nothing much to argue in naming the launcher as Google Now Launcher.

The addition of some new features and scalable update of the launcher theme and structure, with options to copy the settings and icon preferences from existing launchers has been hinting at the possible arrival of the Google Now launcher on the Google Play market soon.