New 5G With 1GBps In The Works

According to a new agreement signed between the British Prime Minister David Cameron and German Chancellor Angela Markel for the research of 5G network to develop a working superspeed network in the coming four years.

The intended 5G network is expected to reach speeds of 1GBps almost a thousand times faster than the present 4G, just imagine you would want to watch a movie while traveling and can download the full length movie in less than a second on to your phone or tablet while on the go, though seems too far ambitious, experts have those expectations to be achievable by around the year 2020, this agreement for the research on the faster 5G would only improve and enhance efforts in achieving it maybe sooner than later.

Prime Minister Cameron visualizes the agreement and efforts to bring about faster, reliable and robust communication connections to achieve quick and lightning fast communication between the two countries over all mobile as well as home based devices.

Many carriers are presently still struggling to provide a rugged and reliable 4G LTE Connections and it would largely dependent on them to provide the service and upgrade and adapt to the 5G, Verizon is presently working to provide an improved and reliable AWS LTE spectrum by late 2014.

South Korea has announced early this year that they have already started working on some high speed next generation internet connections and is expecting to provide it commercially by 2020.